The School

Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion - Cebu (popularly known as CIC-Cebu) is the oldest Catholic school in Cebu that started off as an all-girls institution. Founded on May 30, 1880 by the first three members of Hermanitas de la Madre de Dios, the school was inhabited by its first 66 students. At present, the school is managed by the Daughters of Charity after the organization's collaboration with the Hermanitas de la Madre de Dios in 1895.

The structure of CIC-Cebu consists of four buildings: main building (consists of all classrooms, function rooms, laboratories, and offices), sisters quarters (which includes two viewing rooms, Grade 6 classrooms, one Grade 7 classroom, and the Music Department all by the third floor), LMFI (Louise de Marillac Foundation, Inc.), and Auditorium.

The school features the Basic Education Department, encompassing of Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Secondary levels. It is one of the DC schools to offer the PEP, or Personalized Education Program, which aims to build responsible and independent constituents.

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