The School Building

 The structure of Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion Cebu comprises of four buildings:
  • Main Building
                     The school's main building holds all of the classrooms (except grade 6 and one section of grade 7), offices, laboratories, cafeteria, faculty rooms, function rooms, libraries, and the Chapel.

                     • The classrooms are divided by the two floors of the building:
                        ~ First floor
                           - North corridor: Four grade 5 rooms, three grade 3 rooms, and four grade 4 rooms
                           - East corridor: Four grade 1 rooms, and four grade 2 rooms
                        ~ Second floor
                           - North corridor: Three grade 10 rooms, four grade 9 rooms, and two grade 8 rooms
                           - South corridor: Two grade 8 rooms, and four grade 7 rooms
  • Sisters' Quarters
                     The sisters' quarters is a three-storey building attached to the main building and can be located at the northwest/west part of the whole lot area of the institution. It is where the sisters live, located at its second floor. Students are very rarely allowed to enter the second floor of the building and are only permitted to go to its first and third floors since they are locations of classrooms.

                      • First floor:
                         ~ North: Kinder classrooms
                         ~ South: Prep classrooms
                         ~ West: Comfort Rooms, Stage, Nursery classroom
                         ~ East: Playroom

                      • Third floor:
                         ~ North: Room 301, Room 300
                         ~ South: Music Department
                         ~ West: Room 302, one Grade 7 classroom
                         ~ East: Two Grade 6 classrooms, one Grade 7 classroom
  • St. Louise de Marillac Foundation, Inc. (LMFI)
                       This building can be located right beside the Auditorium. It is where students usually gather and prepare the needed things for any Community Extension Services (CES) activity, usually feeding and medical-dental-optical mission (for student volunteers). It is also the safekeeping place of all donated books and other school materials used for in-campus tutorials.
                    The Auditorium is a two-storey building intended for school plays, fora, symposia, synergies, performances such as October 2011's Concert for a Cause, Investigatory Project defenses, competitions such as Brainworks, and conferences, student assemblies, large meetings, and other functions. In front of the Auditorium is the Covered Parking Area, or CPA, which is used as parking lot for vehicles and the school bus, and as venue for Physical Education classes.

                    It comprises of the following:
                    • Lobby, by the main entrance gate
                       ~ Comfort rooms, left side for the girls, and right side for the boys
                       ~ Four auditorium entrances
                       ~ Stairs towards the second floor
                    • Backstage, surrounding the stage
                       ~ Closets of costumes from the school's former plays such as King and I, Annie, Cinderella, and the like.
                       ~ Props from the school's former plays such as Rhapsody, Heart of Fire, and Ripples of Hope

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